How it all began


My name is Sabina Kaisers and I am the creator of Stoffie. I live in Germany with my husband and two wonderful children. Like many mommies, I spend time with my kids working on various arts and crafts projects. My children love drawing and one day I decided to create a soft toy from one of my daughter’s drawings. This soft toy became my first Stoffie.

The phrase Stoffie is derived from the German word “Stofftier” which means soft toy.

I created various Stoffies for my children and they just love the idea that their drawings can come to life. Wendy Tsao also inspired me, because like her I began making soft toys for my own children and now have received many requests to create Stoffies for my friend’s children. But I have to say, for me it’s not just a business, it is a passion. I love creating Stoffies and seeing children light up with joy. Making children happy is so rewarding and almost indescribable! Each toy is made with lots of love and care.

Stoffies are made with high quality fabrics like cotton, fleece, flannel, silk and many more. The soft toys are stuffed with new, hypoallergenic 100% polyester fiberfill. I treat every order like it should be a gift for my own child. The idea to turn kid’s drawing into a soft toy is the best way to keep memories of their childhood…

Sabina Kaisers